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All major credit & debit cards in-store only.

PayPal – we accept payment via PayPal; please contact us for details if you choose this payment option.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)/ International Wire Transfer directly to our bank account (available on request)


Makiwa Gallery are REGISTERED ART EXPORTERS, with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and the Customs Department. We use Dawn Wing, a leading South African express logistics company, and their third party partners worldwide. We arrange comprehensive insurance through our Gallery brokers as a once off payment. Our courier service tracks your painting and maintains contact with our galleries to ensure timely and safe delivery of your artwork.

We offer three options for shipping original Artworks, and will advise you on the recommended option for your selected artwork.


Whenever possible, this is by far the most preferred option for paintings on canvas. It presents the least risk of damage to the painting, whilst also cutting down the shipping cost significantly. Your painting is removed from the wooden stretcher, rolled up, and inserted into a rigid, lightweight tube. Upon arrival you may then re-stretch your canvas. From our experience when shipping stretched canvases, there some countries that require a fumigation certificate for all wooden supports (stretchers) at the port of entry. By choosing this option, you need not worry about fumigation.


This option can be used for some paintings where the paint is very thickly applied, ( as well as for artworks on paper) . The canvas is remove from the original stretcher as in option 1, then laid flat onto a rigid Masonite board. Protective padding is then applied over the package before boxing it. We only recommend this option for artworks not exceeding 80cm x 80cm.


This option is the best one to choose if you want your painting to arrive in exactly the same form as it was when it was hanging in our galleries. A custom made protective wooden frame is used in conjunction with protective padding, and occasionally Masonite board if necessary, around the painting. While significantly more expensive than option 1 (rolled up and tubed), because of the increased volumetric weight, it also means you will not incur additional re-stretching costs when you receive the painting. This option is the one we use for sculptures as well.


Door-to-door.  Dawn Wing, our shipping company, delivers to your door, via its third party partners. While in transit, we are able to track online the progress of your shipment, and give you feedback thereof.

Door-to-Airport. This can be arranged on request, and is cost effective for large, heavy parcels. You simply pick up at your nearest airport and do the customs clearing yourself, or via an agent.


Value Added Tax

Makiwa Gallery is a VAT (Value Added Tax) registered company. Therefore, SOME ARTWORK QUOTED PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT, depending on the specific artwork and whether or not it is a Vatable Artwork. For the artworks on which VAT is applicable, VAT can be waived for overseas clients if certain conditions are met. Please email us for more info in this regard.

Custom Duties.

As neither we nor our Courier Company have any way of predicting customs duties charged in your destination country, please contact your local customs office in this regard. We may only give rough estimates based on our past experience.


Makiwa Gallery arranges comprehensive transit cover from our door to your door as a one-off policy payment   through our Gallery brokers, Artinsure, underwriting managers with an exclusive focus on art, collectables, photographic equipment and related assets.


In order for us to email you a comprehensive quote within 48 hours, we need the following.

A. The title of your selected artwork and Artist name.

B. Your Name and Surname.

C. Your Delivery Address and Country.

D. Your email address and two phone numbers for the couriers to reach you when delivering.

We will then email you a comprehensive quote within 48 hours. If you need an urgent ESTIMATED quote, CALL US NOW on Tel +27 82 420 8271.




Your Shipping Quote Covers Packaging, local courier within South Africa, Customs clearance within South Africa, Delivery to your selected destination in your country, and Insurance.

Potential Extra Charges include the following, and we have no way of knowing these in advance. These are NOT included in your shipping quote. We advise you to contact your local customs office in advance.

Custom Duties – applicable in some countries, though most countries charge minimal import duty on ORIGINAL ART.

Vat, if any is applicable in your country.

Customs handling/ clearance fees, and storage (if required).

Fumigation, if required.

Bank Funds Clearance times: Local Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s) made from an FNB account show immediately in our account, and EFT’s made from other banking institutions take  a day or 2 (working days) to reflect in our bank. Overseas transfers take from 3-6 days.

Shipping time depends on your selected option. It can vary from 5 days to 6 weeks. However, most deliveries are made under 14 days.

Certificates of Authenticity  & Valuation Certificates

We issue these certificates on request for all the Original art we sell. Please contact us for more information.

12 Day Return Policy
We have a FULL MONEY BACK 12-day Return Policy for online based purchases only (not for in store). In the highly unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase you can notify us within 12 (twelve) days of receiving the purchase. You will then return the artwork to us at your own cost, and in its original condition. When we receive, we will check and refund you within 15 days.